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​Robust connections: the key to unleashing the complete potential of IoT

The degree of IoT expertise that has been accumulated internationally is shocking and the prospects it provides could really alter our daily lives. The issue is, all too usually expertise resides in silos implying it doesn’t link to provide the multiplier effect. Sutha Siva, Chief Executive Officer of OV, delves into the importance of connecting industrial expertise and developing the unified picture required to progress the Internet-of-things and get the multiplier effect to fruition quicker. 

No business functioning in IoT could function with no partnerships. The specialist knowledge needed to make technology function simply doesn’t reside under one roof. Regardless of partnerships basically underpinning IoT collaboration and “integration” stay the biggest hurdles to its progression. 

Statista forecasts there will be 75 billion connected gadgets in the planet by 2025, the IoT is experiencing considerable expansion and proliferation, and it has to be stated that it is quickly improving but the prospect to incite an innovation revolution merely by embracing a collaborative partnership approach internationally, is too thrilling to overlook. 

The reason behind a lot of hesitance is that IoT organizations function and operate in a setting where they are in competition, cooperate, and co-exist. As it stands, the IoT tapestry is not as intertwined and interconnected as it could be. But the COVID-19 pandemic has quickened the movement to de-siloed working by developing a pressing societal requirement for solutions connected by IoT.  

To take IoT to the next level, we are required to leverage this momentum to develop an improved framework that leverages partnerships to progress the ecosystem and realize the limitless practical prospects much more swiftly. 

Drivers towards collaboration 

In times of duress, the roadblocks we face compels us to innovate. The COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception to this rule. It has pushed society to its very limits, altering the way we communicate and interact, work, study, and ultimately live. And it is behind the kind of collaboration we require to advance the leveraging of IoT. 

Through the exacerbation of daily life factors, it has forced the hand of development. The pandemic has created a requirement for IoT to provide solutions to some of the most basic issues of our time, like the healthcare emergency where businesses have acted swiftly to develop solutions that relieve system pressures. To achieve this, they’ve had to swiftly identify and throw their trust behind partners with the knowledge to make things occur. 

The outcomes already accomplished by technologies fast-tracked under these emergency situations, are really shocking. The things that have been accomplished will provide an advantage to international healthcare systems long into the future and they lay the foundation for subsequent progress through increased prevalence of IoT.  

If we could leverage this impetus internationally across the IoT ecosystem, the outcomes would revolutionize our lives.  

Unlocking the potential 

As enterprises are entirely dependent on each other in this IoT space, we are all required to surpass the hurdles and come to the point of actual collaboration so developers initiating new vital services are free to incite positive change. 

The pandemic has illustrated to us how clients that at times are competition to each other in the same space, can drop their guard, collaborate together and accomplish something stunning. The time is apt to make a collective decision to let our guards down. 

Each new deployment is a progression for the internet-of-things. It develops learnings and broadens the platform. And when expertise is de-siloed, the outcome is an ecosystem that provides far more than the total of its parts. So, let’s look at each other as collaborators and facilitators. Let’s share our knowledge, drive the potential of IoT and show the public how it can revolutionize the planet.  

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