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Advantages and Disadvantages of Underground Data Centers

Your data center will require custom solutions to meet your growing data demands. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of underground data centers.

As data continues to become the most valuable resource of the digital age, the role of data centers has never been more important. Recently, companies have begun looking for ways to improve their data center management, with many deciding to move their data centers underground. Continue reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of underground data centers.


Advanced Security in Data Centers

One clear advantage of underground data centers is their heightened security level. Security is the most important feature a data center should offer, so having this additional safety makes underground data centers more attractive.

Fending Off Physical Threats

These underground facilities are inherently shielded from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. This natural protection significantly reduces the risk of data loss from external disruptions. Additionally, their concealed locations provide an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access and potential security breaches, making them ideal for storing sensitive data.


Consistent Temperature

Another advantage is the ability to maintain a stable internal temperature. Stable temperatures make it easier to store and maintain sensitive computing equipment. They also allow companies to save money on expensive cooling systems.

Greater Cooling Efficiency within your data center

By leveraging the earth’s natural insulation, underground data centers benefit from consistent temperatures, reducing the need for extensive artificial cooling. A consistent temperature can lower energy consumption and offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional data centers. The stable temperatures help prolong the equipment’s lifespan, further enhancing operational efficiency.


Complex Ventilation Systems

While underground data centers have many advantages, one disadvantage is their need for complex ventilation systems. Underground data centers must have advanced ventilation systems because of the extensive equipment involved in data center management.

Installing Advanced Ventilation

Underground data centers require sophisticated ventilation systems to compensate for the lack of natural airflow. These systems are crucial for managing air quality and controlling humidity levels, which can harm the equipment if not properly maintained. The complexity and cost of installing and maintaining these systems add to the operational considerations of running an underground data center.


Space Restrictions

Space limitations are another critical aspect to consider. Expanding an above-ground data center is relatively straightforward; you cannot say the same for extending an underground property. Many restrictions can hinder your desire to expand an underground data center.

Problems With Expanding the Data Center

Expanding underground data centers is notably more challenging than their above-ground counterparts. Extensive excavation and construction work are required for expansion, leading to significant costs and time investment.

Additionally, the confined nature of underground spaces can impose constraints on the layout and organization of server rack cable management, impacting the efficiency and scalability of the data center.

Moving your data center operations underground is an exciting and monumental task, so you should know the advantages and disadvantages of underground data centers before making any final determinations. As the data center industry evolves, you can select the tools and strategies to help your company meet its growing data demands.

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