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An intro to the empowered edge

The planet is constantly evolving. This basic reality is never more relevant than when you are employed in the technology field – which is persistently on the cusp of innovation, always looking for the next big deal. Obviously, not every article of new technology or innovation will revolutionize the planet. However, keeping track of innovation with regards to new technologies and the terms that they carry along with themselves is critical. 

This is particularly true thanks to the ever-escalating intricacy of technologies. If you lag behind on present and rising trends, you’ll have a very difficult time comprehending what’s being developed upon these technologies. The only way to get ahead of this cycle is by keeping yourself as updated as feasible. 

In the pursuit of doing this simple, yet infinitely complex task, this blog post by AICoreSpot dives into a brand new trend that’s set to influence our everyday lives: the empowered edge. 

Empowered Edge 101 

The empowered edge, at times referred to as device democracy, is a theory that consists of moving computational transactions (traffic and process) from the core of computer networks to the edges of these networks. Gartner defines Edge computing as: “A computing topology in which data processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources, repositories, and consumers of this information.” 

To provide some illustration, an autonomous network of vehicles reaping the benefits of the empowered edge strategy might leveraged devices within the vehicles to interact directly with other vehicles on the roadways over the data being routed via a centralized cloud server. 

One of the key advantages of the empowered edge strategy is the minimization of latency. This is accomplished by having devices do away with the middle-man which is the centralized computing device and allowing them to interact directly with each other instead. 

This variant of networking is referred to as peer-to-peer or decentralized networking and is inching closer to reality on a daily basis. 

The time is ripe for the empowered edge 

The empowered edge is a trend rapidly gaining in popularity, owing partially, to the fact that sophisticated technology has progressed to a level where once simplistic gadgets are now significantly capable computational devices. The technologies we haul around in our palms today far surpasses what was leveraged to get a state-of-the-art rocket to the moon just a few short decades ago. 

This monumental appreciation in computational capabilities and its comparative affordability is relevant to all types of ‘smart’ devices such as fridges, TVs, and smartwatches which have the capacity of executing complicated computational activities that make a NASA computer from the 1960s look a much more primitive version of them, something resembling an abacus more than it does present day technologies. 

The concept of the empowered edge is directly connected to the idea of the internet of things, which leverages all of these smart gadgets by facilitating them to interact and network with one another. The internet of things is rapidly progressing from theory to actuality as several industries leverage gadgets such as smart meters that go beyond taking and documenting measurements; they analyze these measurements and deliver reports on the basis of this information. 

Gartner feels that the empowered edge and the IoT architecture still leverages a hierarchal structure where information flows “through well-defined layers of endpoints to the near edge, sometimes the far edge and, ultimately, centralized cloud and enterprise systems.” But when these layers are dissolved and information flows more freely across systems between empowered edge gadgets is quickly approaching. 

Affordable and portable computational power and storage devices are key factors in developing empowered edge networks, but bandwidth also has a critical influence. 5G technology is in all likelihood the key that will usher the quick development and mass adoption of the empowered edge strategy. Thanks to its capability to communicate massive amounts of data with literally zero latency, 5G technologies are set to make what seems a pipe dream today into tomorrow’s reality. 

What will the empowered edge look like? 

Empowered edge gadgets and the IoT architecture will facilitate things like autonomous vehicles to interact with one another, but other technologies can leverage the empowered edge strategy as well. Endpoint gadgets will be empowered by their capability in analyzing data and communicating that information directly to other endpoint gadgets. These networks and their endpoint devices will have variance with regards to their intricacy and functionalities. 

The spectrum of endpoint devices will range from simplistic thing such as appliances and industrial meters to complicated devices such as smart vehicles and power generators. Other endpoint devices will consist of input/output devices like: 

  • Touchscreens 
  • Cameras 
  • Smartphones 
  • PCs and laptops 

Endpoint gadgets are probable to demonstrate drastic variance with regards to life span which will develop an environment of appreciating complexity with regards to the administration and integration of these new edge networks with the complete gamut of gadgets. 

Gartner forecasts that as early as next year, 3/4ths of enterprise-produced data will be developed and processed outside the conventional, centralized data center or cloud; an appreciation from the <10% produced at present. The influence of edge computing will be seen first by the ones who are at the front line of the technology sector as network intricacy increases and new solutions are needed. 

The advantages conferred by the empowered edge and the present state of the technology that can assist it make its future implementation all but ensure virtually across every domain. The IoT and edge computing appear to be inevitable, but this doesn’t imply that this technology will be self-creating or perpetuating. It also does not mean that this new technology won’t carry its own complications and challenges to surpass.  

But what is does mean is that we are living in a thrilling time where individuals on the frontlines of technology domain are poised to have an active influence in giving shape to the future. 

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