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Data Science is creating a revolution in social visibility

Artificial intelligence has gradually permeated every business sector. In this blog, AICoreSpot will be exploring how AI can improve your social marketing strategy. AI holds the promise of revolutionizing the social visibility of businesses, creating pathways for more incisive strategies towards marketing. 

The massive possibilities pertaining to AI in social media applications has compelled Markets to Markets predicting that the domain of ML, deep learning, and NLP within sales marketing, client experience administration, and predictive risk evaluation in social platforms will appreciate to > $2.1 billion in just a mere 2 years from now. 

The evolution of AI has been well recorded, but what are the exact ways in which it can improve businesses social marketing techniques? Let’s delver further into the role which AI is poised to play in enhancing our exposure on social media platforms. 

What AI exactly is, different people and organizations will provide you with different answers. However, the following are the ways in which it adds tangible value to an organization. 

  • Getting and maintaining a competitive edge 
  • Evolve into new businesses 
  • New businesses leveraging AI will make an entrance into an organization’s market 
  • Incumbent competitors will leverage AI 
  • AI will assist in minimizing costs 
  • Suppliers will provide AI-based products and services 
  • Clients often request for AI-based products/offerings 

Nearly 8/10ths of organizations hold the belief that AI will enable them in getting a competitive edge over competitors. While AI is somewhat of an enigma to many people, the tech is all pervasive, regardless of what activity we are engaged in. When we look for client service regarding a product on a brand website, we are often greeted by chatbots who want to know what’s up. These are AI driven. Our mobile phones, have various programs and functionalities that are driver by artificial intelligence, voice-based assistant and GPS systems being prime examples. 

Services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix also leverage the functionalities of AI to give tailored suggestions for users. Also, Gmail has begun leveraging AI to predict what you desire to write when penning down emails. Services such as Grammarly, critical for editing applications, also leverage AI.  

ML is the key behind the incredible prowess of AI. It enables machines to make smart forecasts on the basis of massive amounts of data. (Big data.) AI utilities are fully capable of spontaneously analyzing the precision of such predictions and enhance them over the course of time, leveraging more data insight in the process. 

ML implies that tools can undergo ongoing improvement of their own accord, without the need for human intervention. Their associated performance can considerably appreciate as time passes; all we need is data to train it on. 

Marketing software that is leveraged in the present day, whether it is connected to PPC ads, content, or analytics, can be made smart through the conjunction of AI and machine learning. 

Such utilities can be produced to detect individual behaviors, preference, ideology, and interests to provide customized experiences to the end-user. They can possibly detect where users have been, where they’re probably going to go to next, what they’ve said in email messaging, and what they’ve questioned their voice assistants on. AI also has the prospect of identifying the groups that target audiences are from, and what brick-and-mortar facilities they typically go to, amongst other advanced functionalities. 

AI can tackle massive amounts of data to make precise predictions with regards to the products and services that individuals intend to purchase next – providing insight into what ad campaigns are likely to pay the most dividends.  

Basically, AI is in the business of making intelligent predictions. It this level of forecasting that can be the game changer in getting the cutting edge over competition within social media marketing. Let’s observe some of the methods in which AI-based data science is creating a revolution with regards to the social visibility of brands. 

AI has been identified by a major portion of marketers as the most critical trend poised to impact the domain of user experience over the next half-a-decade. AI paves the way for social media marketers to obtain previously unfathomable levels of access to their clients, prospects, and obtain improved insight into their preference and behaviors. This can provide hyper-targeted advertising and marketing campaigns that entice end-users by appealing to their sentiments and deepest desires and wishes. 

Tools such as Finteza detect the pages that users browse when directed from social media networks, facilitating marketers and website owners identify which social networks to concentrate upon. This can assist in developing attractive content, in an efficient fashion, fostering end-user, client, and prospect engagement in the process. 

Unforeseen understanding into performance 

AI tools can assist marketers in tracking and tracing the performance of each decision they make leveraging social media platforms. User engagement and marketing campaign performance can be precisely evaluated to furnish deeper understanding via data science. 

Currently, a major portion of social media outlets leverage AI to a great extent, in addition to ML techniques to ensure that adverts are delivered to the correct audiences, when they need them – when a conversion is most likely to happen. Today, it may appear to be a given, but just in the recent past, the data we had wasn’t as precise as the data we have access to today. 

For example, Facebook provides several options for advertisers to hone in on their audiences and ensure that their ads are delivered to the correct people. Facebook, as a platform, has billions of users – evaluating them manually is an unfathomable task. This is where Data Science and AI comes into play. In addition to marketing professionals, social media outlets leverage AI to maintain engagement levels of repeat users, through features such as recommendations, and Facebook ‘Memories’. 

Correlating Data Science and AI with Social Media 

With regards to data science, Facebook is the social media outlet that bests all of its competition. The sheer volume of users on Facebook makes it a treasure mine of data just waiting to be analyzed, providing unprecedented insight on consumer preferences and behavior. On a daily basis, > 350 million images are uploaded onto Facebook’s data-rich servers.  

It can be argued that Facebook isn’t as visually driven as some its competitors, for example, Instagram, but as mentioned prior, the sheer volume of users propels organizations to mine Facebook to leverage the copious data to generate more customized purchase suggestions for end-users. The social media outlet has developed a neural network that has the potential to leverage cues to evaluate the type of communications transpiring on the website. 

Advanced face recognition tech is a noteworthy functionality within Facebook’s AI systems. Such software can give individuals tagging suggestions and detect a user’s friends in pictures.  

There’s broad scope for marketers to leverage face recognition within their campaigns, and it’s even possible for businesses to establish contests where users can make an effort to recognize their faces with the business to win prizes such as products, services, and coupons. Trust is a pressing concern, however, as face recognition within the field of marketing has some way to go before it wins the trust of the public. 

Select marketing leveraging Data Science and AI is already making inroads amongst marketing and advertising departments, all over the globe. This is yet another facet of AI that Facebook leverages. AI can make judgments on what you are interested in, combine it with your purchasing patterns and provide advertising that are in compliance with your online behavior. 

Trending Data 

Social media outlets such as Instagram can provide plenty of avenues for advertisers owing to how they latch onto trending posts, uploads, and stories globally – adding them to customized explore pages in the process. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram efficiently leverages hashtags to assist communications in going viral. This provides a massive opportunity for advertisers to reach wider audiences in a more efficient fashion. 

Hashtags can go beyond brand recall and generate massive levels of engagement. A real-world example of this is the case of Virgin Atlantic and Three, a UK-based business. Virgin’s fitfoo marketing campaign was noticed only by 2% of its followers, while Three, with lesser than half the amount of followers, witnessed 138% of their followers engage in their DancePonyDance hashtag. 

With emergent trends classified through Data Science and AI frameworks are targeted at end users who are predicted to be demonstrate the most interest in a specific post, it’s a brilliant opportunity for marketers to widen their appeal to similar minded members amongst the audience. 

Value-based news feeds have been leveraged to some extent on channels such as Instagram recently. While users at first demonstrated disappointment at the chronological order of their news feeds, scrolling through for noteworthy posts has proven to be a draw over the course of time. News feeds on the fervently active social network undergo optimization to be suitable to the preference of its end-users. This is accomplished via DeepTextAI, an algorithm that leverages Data Science to automatically delete spam or inconsequential messaging from a end-users feed to streamline Insta’s content delivery. 

DeepTextAI has generated additional value to advertisers seeking to leverage Instagram to get to their audiences. The AI embedded in the platform has enabled advertisers to provide content to more genuine accounts, with DeepTextAI honing in on spam accounts and banning them from the network – retaining only authentic prospects. 

Why AI solutions are enticing 

While the applications of advertising have a deep impact, AI can assist in creating connections amongst the several strategies into a singular, cumulative entity. For example, while SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a brilliant way for companies to provide high quality content to targeted audiences, it doesn’t have much utility if the content you’re developing is inconsequential to the persons who add the most value to your company. However, the combination of data science, powered by Artificial Intelligence on your social media accounts can assist in identifying and categorizing your audiences on the basis of broader interests and demographics – all of which can be transferred into your advertising campaign content. 

It’s obvious that, if efficiently leveraged, AI and Data Science can provide advertisers with a brilliant opportunity in penetrating social media markets. Artificial intelligence has the capacity to improve the connection your brand presence has with clients and stakeholders. The technology can not just enable improved collection of information but additionally provide considerably deeper understanding into the treasure trove of data that is being mined on an everyday basis. 

There’s no doubt that AI and Data Science has a huge part to play in the advertising and marketing strategies of companies moving forward. Their adoption may be so commonplace that instead of a scenario of leveraging Data Science and AI to obtain a competitive edge in the market, organizations will be required to display considerable agility in embracing the technology in order to prevent like minded competitors from surpassing them. 

Basically, both advertisers, and customer alike are in for a brand new age of hyper-customized marketing and ad campaigns that can strategically provide the correct products and messaging straight to the plates of the end-users that big data indicates are most likely to respond in a positive fashion – thus creating pathways towards a future of marketing and advertising sans the additional guesswork.

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