Emergent Tech and Innovation in Transportation

8.45 am to 12.10 pm CT,
27 May 2022

Emergent tech drive

exponential evolution within the transportation industry

We are the cusp of a revolution, with emergent tech

greatly revolution the transport experience

What’s new today will be second nature to us in the near future,

it is poised to be an integral aspect of our everyday commute

Innovative and disruptive technologies are manifold,

such as self-driving vehicles, trucks, and drone taxis

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 will

massively enhance the sustainability of transportation

Innovation and emergent tech will streamline the

user experience for drivers and passengers alike

Emergent Tech are in pole position to become the Swiss-army knife in transportation, with its multifaceted applications

Industry 4.0 will enhance traffic quality, make vehicles sustainable, safer, and ultimately, affordable.


Industry 4.0 supercharges automation

Industry 4.0’s paradigm shift can be compared to the paradigm shift created by the Internet

Emergent technologies will be at the heart of the modern roadway, rich insight can be gained from its techniques

Industry 4.0 tech will make our day-to-day activities sustainable

Pedestrians will be safer on the roadways owing to emergent technologies

Emergent technologies will reduce accidents by orders of magnitude

Innovation can enable decision making from individual to global scales

Emergent tech paves the way for revolutionary safety protocol that will minimize road accidents

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27 May 2022 (8.45 am to 12.10 pm CT)
08:45 am
Aganda 1

Introduction of Speakers

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


09:00 am
Aganda 2

Technologies Impacting Future Transportation

-By Shivaprakash Nagaraj, Associate Director – Digital Innovation, InfoVision 

· Digitization of Transportation
· Learn how to connect these technologies to engage customers and drive new business efficiently.


09:30 am
Aganda 6

Emergent tech and innovation in transportation: A New Future  

Panel Discussion
– Mehran Ravanpay, Founder & CEO, Ascending Consulting (Moderator)
– Sandeep Bandil, VP, IoT Edge Devices & Solutions, Brambles
– Mackenzie West, Marketing Director, GHY International
– Edward L. Robetcky, Enterprise Director, Airspace


10:30 am
Aganda 4

The impact of emergent technology on the transport system and the role of smart cities 

By Sean Melancon, President, Camcrete, LLC 



11:00 am
Aganda 4

Ceva’s Green Journey – Our Green Components  

By Daphne Liu, Head/Director of Digitalization & Innovation, Matrix, CEVA Logistics 

Discuss CEVA CO2 green solution components. Using today’s innovative machine learning technology to look for optimized opportunities for our shipments and routes, while providing different algorithm CO2 consumption scenarios to support decision making. Presentation shows our current approaches and two interactive dashboards from historical and future forecast data. A real case study for Ceva’s CO2 green journey.


11:30 am
Aganda 4

Fueling Innovation in the Supply Chain  

By Jeffrey Haushalter, Partner, Chicago Consulting

In this fast-paced presentation Jeff will present examples of how Electronic Vehicles (EV’s) will disrupt current and future supply chains. Topics covered include the new transportation experience, autonomous vehicles, congestion relief, sustainability, emerging models, and necessary infrastructure.


12:00 pm
Aganda 1

Thank you note and conclusion of event

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot