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Ericsson leverages Nvidia Omniverse to simulate 5G challenges

Semiconductor and graphics processing unit (GPU) heavyweight Nvidia owns a simulation platform that enterprises can leverage to develop virtual copies of real-life environments. 

The metaverse is in the public limelight, with Facebook’s much spoken about name change – Meta. Facebook intends to eventually roll out an actual metaverse, a digital world in which consumers, personified by an avatar, can shop, socialize, and engage in leisure – and learn. Several giants within industry have prioritized the idea, and leading the charge are Facebook and Microsoft. Nvidia has its own proprietary spin of the concept, the omniverse, and for all intents and purposes, it is a lot more dystopian. The Swedish heavyweight is harnessing Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise to develop digital twins (electronic 1:1 replicas) of whole cities to obtain the capability to simulate and predict physical and logistic asks of nascent 5G networks. 

Based on the Nvidia announcement, Ericsson can now precisely think through hurdles like constructions and trees without getting out of their homes, and they have the good ol’ omniverse to thank. They’ve even put out a video detailing all of this arch cleverness that you can observe below. 

“Prior to the omniverse, coverage and capacity of networks was analysed through simplification of several aspects of the intricate interactions, like the physical phenomena and mobility facets,” stated German Ceballos, a researcher at Ericsson. “Now we’ll be able to simulate network deployments and features in a very comprehensive scale using omniverse.” 

Nvidia has been hard at work on this tool for quite some time, however, Facebook’s rebrand with the earlier-mentioned Metaverse appears to have awoken the AR/VR Kraken with regards to public pronouncements. 

In the 2nd video posted here, you can see Niantic – developer of the Pokemon Go AR-ish game – bigging up its Lightship platform, which furnishes an array of AR tools for other developers to leverage if they’re into that kind of thing. Whether this “evolution” in our lives is an actual “evolution” or not, is open to conjecture. 

Ericsson’s 5G digital twin simulated 

Lightship Global Launch Keynote 

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