AI in Retail & E-Commerce Sector

8.45 am to 12.30 pm CT,
25 June 2021

AI helps with collected

predictive data facilitating customer insight.

AI helps in creating

personalized experiences for clients.

AI-driven technologies are a key revenue generator

for e-commerce/retail at up to 35% of total revenues.

AI chatbots learn the

preferences of the consumer.

AI forecasts Trends and

Patterns Regarding Clients

AI-driven technologies are set to become the

backbone of the e-commerce/retail industry

AI in retail and e-commerce is reaping great advantages for businesses, product recommendation, and personalized experiences – global e-commerce sales are set to hit 4.8 billion USD by 2021.

AI-powered chatbots, Smart recommendations, AI Personalization, and Inventory Management are key tech driven by AI serving as a revelation 

Learn about the impact of AI on e-commerce

E-commerce and retail specific tools

Analysing customer patterns and trends

How AI is streamlining employee care & welfare in e-commerce and retail

How AI is driving revenues in the retail and e-commerce industry

The boost provided by Analytics and Big Data

The future landscape of AI-driven e-commerce and retail

AI-enable email marketing – A Primer

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25 June 2021 (8.45 am to 12.30 pm CT)
08:45 am
Aganda 1

Introduction of Speakers

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


09:00 am
Aganda 2

Metallica & Van Gogh applied to Ecommerce

-by Pedro Lindsey Eguiguren, Ecommerce Consultant, Incentro


09:20 am
Aganda 4

Personalization in Retail

-by Anoop Gopinatha, Director of Global Applied Intelligence, Accenture


09:40 am
Aganda 4

Using AI to increase AOV in ecommerce

-by Ronnie Teja, Founder, Branzio Watches


10:00 am
Aganda 7




10:10 am
Aganda 5

What’s the Future for AI in Retail and E-commerce Sector

Panel Discussion
– by Rishi Kumar, AVP, Pactera Edge
– Deepak Singh, Product Manager (AI/ML), Highmark Health
– Sunanda Parthasarathy, Senior Director Data Science, Retail Pharmacy Personalization, CVS Health
– Sumaiya Noor, Head of Talent and Transformation, RentMoola


11:10 am
Aganda 5

How the Merger of AI and Robotic Process Automation is Transforming Retail Operations

– by Eric Tyree, Head of AI, Blue Prism
– Coreen Merryweather, Director – Retail & Transport, Blue Prism


11:55 am
Aganda 4

Using Data Efficiently in AI for Retail

– by Jeff Toffoli, Technical Marketing Manager, Clarifai


12:15 pm
Aganda 7