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Expand your business in the correct way with blockchain marketing approach

Blockchain technology has been receiving a lot of publicity as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution. 

The base technology behind blockchain has the potential to disrupt several industries and it has been doing just that so far.  

It’s increasing popularity has given birth to several businesses. 

Owing to blockchain, we currently have an entire set of blockchain related services being provided as solution to the planet’s financial issues. 

Competition is literally coming out of the woodwork, and to succeed, you have to be unique. The discussion of the hour should be devising a robust blockchain marketing plan for your organization. 

What is blockchain marketing? 

Blockchain marketing has a tendency to be glossed over, drawing comparisons to conventional digital marketing.  

As blockchain has managed to penetrate several industries, it was only a matter of time before marketing came under the influence of the blockhain phenomenon. 

With the advent of blockchain, marketing procedures (particularly for blockchain-based firms) have taken on a new makeover.  

The anatomy of a successful blockchain marketing campaign and a conventional marketing campaign is entirely different.  

And the primary reason appears to be that blockchain organizations encounter considerably different challenges when marketing their output in contrast to more conventional organizations. 

Blockchain vs Conventional marketing – The differences demystified 

Conventional marketing 

Conventional marketing strategies typically come with several objectives. The objectives for organizations, in this kind of marketing, include several goals. 

  • Making sales 
  • Producing leads 
  • Getting an email address 
  • Developing brand awareness 

This is not the scenario with blockchain digital marketing. 

Blockchain marketing 

Blockchain-based organizations don’t enjoy the same luxuries as typical organizations. The one-size-fits-all mantra isn’t applicable in this case. 

Let’s assume your blockchain organization is prepping for an ICO, putting forth a fresh product in the market, or selling its tech to other organizations. Under that scenario, you will require a high impact and targeted marketing strategy that is high impact but chock full of innovation. 

Stimulate marketing for your organization 

Marketing is a continuous and ongoing process that evolves together with a series of goals. It can begin from awareness, then shift to consideration, to trials, and finally winding up in loyalty. 

Teach your audience 

It’s been around for more than ten years now, but the general public still find it tough to comprehend the intricacies of blockchain, or for that matter, even its fundamentals. 

They are yet to be at ease with the revolutionary development. 

Therefore, you require to capitalize on the correct blockchain marketing strategies to teach your audience about the technology and remove the cynicism. 

Develop your brand’s voice 

Conventional advertising methods typically mean mass communication, with regards to blockchain organizations, a swiper approach is deployed to accomplish a greater status for your organization’s online presence.  

Also, a robust marketing approach with regards to blockchain firms includes setting your targets on famous persons who would disseminate the good word with regards to your organization, its products and services. 

This is critical to developing a robust web presence for your organization and put it higher in SERPS. 

Media Engagement 

With regards to social media engagement, blockchain-based organizations ought to ggo about their marketing campaign with a considerably differing strategy in contrast to what’s viewed as typical. 

Social media marketing campaigns are targeted with the approach to demonstrate client interest in your lineup of products and services. 

Projected costs? 

To be frank, there’s no particular amount. 

This is fully dependent on what kind of business and corresponding goals you have. 


It would be trite to proclaim that blockchain marketing is the need of the hour. But sadly, the general public are hardly familiar with this marketing strategy. 

What we cannot ignore is that blockchain has proven it boundless utility and still has a long way to evolve. 

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, it is critical to get up to speed and make a splash from the idea. 

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