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How Best to Boost Your Web-Based Projects to Enhance Your Companies Growth

As far as enhancing a website’s project management system goes, a lot of it has to do with using the proper methodologies to streamline projects better. This, of course, should make it easier to achieve your business objectives if all goes well. Furthermore, you’ll need the assistance of a project manager to see it all through from start to finish. But if you’re still stuck in the methodology phase and need help choosing the one that will enhance your company’s growth the most, AICorespot has a list of the most popular ones used in web projects today.


If you want to be guided by a step-by-step breakdown of the processes that go into a web design-build, then, as Agile In a Nutshell notes, Agile could be the program for you. Whether it is webpage designs, web testing, or keeping track of developments, these components are segregated into different cycles, each with its own milestones that can be tracked individually.

From a time-saving point of view, Agile works excellently as team members are able to give feedback on tasks in real-time.

As for web upgrades and when communicating with a graphic designer or web developer about design ideas, consider using a tool that can turn your PDF into an image file. This allows you to easily share or print web images. You can do this easily using a JPG online converter to make sure images remain in the JPG format so that the image quality stays intact.


Kanban is great for web-based projects in the planning and development stage. Kanban is based on a systematic set of procedures that rely on boards to get tasks done. Once completed, the next task then moves ahead sequentially. Kanban is an excellent tool to see where delays occur so that the issues don’t pile up to the point where they are unmanageable. Each task is also limited to a specific timeframe to prevent time-wastage on any one specific task so that it doesn’t jeopardize a project on the whole.


Teamhood explains that Waterfall methodology is based on solid principles and visuals and ensures that each task that is necessary to complete the sequence is done in the order that it was meant for. In simple terms, the Waterfall methodology is as predictable as it comes and is great for when you require an in-depth report on how a project is tracking.


Scrum is excellent from a project management perspective because it gives the project manager the ability to oversee tasks at a snapshot. Moreover, tasks are divided into short sprints with a set amount of time allocated to each sprint. Team members will also know what is required of them, with the project manager reviewing each sprint as and when they are completed.

Critical path

If making sure the most important tasks are taken care of is what’s most important to you, then the critical path method is what might suit your web-based project best. Moreover, the critical path is best to use if you have an extremely large project with many components to oversee. It is also beneficial if you want to optimize your resources as best as possible to get the most important tasks done first.

In conclusion, web-based project management is likely going to be a time-consuming process with plenty of trial and error to discover what works best for your business. And you probably won’t be able to see to it all on your own, either. In fact, you’re probably going to require the expertise of experienced professionals and tools like a PDF to JPG converter to make sure that your website is designed to perfection from beginning to end.

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