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How Technology Is Changing the Food Industry

Technology has been intertwined with the food industry since the Industrial Revolution. Learn how technology continues to change this industry.

Technology affects all industries, including the food industry. No matter where you work within the food industry, you’ve probably seen technology come into your specific field and change things. You can expect these changes to continue. Technology and the food industry have grown together since the Industrial Revolution, and technology is changing the food industry even now. Keep reading to learn how these changes are occurring and what exactly you can expect.

Smarter Farming

The food industry starts with our farmers, who’ve long been using technology to make their jobs easier. Fertilizers, pesticides, and automated equipment have all made farming easier and quicker, which is necessary with such a booming population. Technology hasn’t stopped there, though. Farming is getting smarter, with farmers using drones to monitor crop growth and detect problems from the air sooner than they could before. On the ground, AI can perform more menial farm tasks, such as gathering eggs, allowing farmers to focus on bigger tasks and keep our food industry moving forward.

Better Waste Management

All this beneficial tech on the farming side of the food industry will go to waste if we keep wasting food, though. Thankfully, technology has stepped in to fill that gap as well. There are now tracking programs that restaurants and grocery stores can use to monitor the issue, which will help them cut down on food waste in the long term. These automated systems can also help with the cooking process, tracking steps and time so that orders stay fresh and staff can maximize their time.

New Consumer Experiences

Technology isn’t just changing food production and service; it’s also changing how consumers experience food. Social media such as Instagram has made it easier to increase sales of specific items and encourage foot traffic into brick-and-mortar stores. Sometimes, that foot traffic isn’t even the consumer themselves, but a delivery person, which consumers can hire through apps on smart devices.

While some people within the food industry worry about how technology is changing this field, there’s no reason to be concerned. People still love food, and they’re still going to keep this industry alive and well regardless of what new tech comes their way.

As technology develops and changes, it affects every industry in the world, including food. Embracing these changes means you can use technology to your advantage, no matter what part you play in the food industry.

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