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Innovations in robotics

The machines are taking over. No, this is not science fiction. Their ongoing migration is expected to cascade onto a bevy of businesses, robotics and automation is already influencing robust and quality products and shorter TATs in the manufacturing sector. When time to market and production teams are make or break scenarios for companies, Robotics plays the role of transformational savior. 

Human error. Human error is something which cannot be avoided. Or so we thought. Robotic technologies bring with them the advantages of fewer errors, lesser downtime, and are more affordable to boot.  Job loss might be a concern, but it looks like what we’re looking at is job redesign – people need operate machines and fix it, should it break down.  

The following are some of the groundbreaking innovations in robotics.  

  1. Google’s worker robots – These robots are more like people. They have a personality, likes and dislikes. Personalities will be pushed onto the cloud and available on tap. 
  1. Multi-tasking robots – Momentum machines have developed a multi-tasking bot that is capable of prepping an exotic hamburger in not more than 10 minutes. If it goes into production, the robot could become a mainstay in restaurants. 
  1. UR3 arm – this is a technology developed by Universal Robots which can develop replacement components on the fly. Gluing, painting, grasping, and soldering are all within the scope of this utilitarian robot. 
  1. Saul Robot – This robot has been designed to combat deadly viruses such as CORONA. The machine was designed by the air force to eliminate contamination where quarantine work is happening.  
  1. Asus Zenbo – This device has been developed with the intent of helping individuals remember tasks, in addition, it can adapt to the environment and evaluate any potential emergencies. 
  1. Paro – This device aids in lowering stress and in promoting interaction between caregivers and parents. It works based on animal therapy 
  1. Pepper – This technology adjusts its mood according to its perceptions of the moods of the human beings around it. The companion responds in an appropriate fashion to your emotional needs.  

Mechatronics is a growing field that is going to explode in popularity in the wake of robotics. Specializing in mechatronics is a good way to future proof your career, just in case you’re worried by the incoming wave of automation in jobs the world over. 



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