Learn how AI is transforming the future of Telecom Industry

8.45 am to 10.30 am CT,
16 November 2021

AI in Telecom leverage sophisticated algorithms to detect patterns and

forecast network anomalies

AI-driven technologies assist in proactively

fixing issues before clients are affected.

63.5% of Telecom operators are making

investments in AI systems to enhance their infrastructure

AI-driven predictive analytics help in

dispensing better services

Network automation and intelligence will

facilitate root cause analysis and forecasting of issues

AI is also

being deployed in maintenance procedures

AI applications are assisting CSPs manage, optimize, and maintain infrastructure and customer support

Network optimization, predictive maintenance, virtual assistants and RPA are instances of where AI has influenced the telecom industry

AI is drastically reshaping the telecom landscape in an era of advanced optimization and technological advancements

Knowledge accumulation (KA) facilitates the creation of automated recommendations

ML-driven anomaly detection can detect performance indicators that don’t conform to expected patterns

AI-driven Automated baseline generation and anomaly detection (ABGAD) surveys KPI, quality performance, and client satisfaction indices for violations

AI-driven tech will help in providing better service and optimize resources

Telecoms are automating technological and business processes to obtain an edge in the market

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16 November 2021 (8.45 am to 10.30 am CT)
08:45 am
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Introduction of Speakers

-By Nitin Naveen, VP-Innovation Strategy, AICoreSpot


09:00 am
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Learn how AI is transforming the future of Telecom Industry

Panel Discussion
– Kartik Gajjar, Program Director, Ericsson (Moderator)
– Gerry Christensen, VP of BD and Strategic Alliances, YouMail, Inc.
– Greg Green, Chairman and CEO of Tahoe Network Infrastructure
– Uma Parvathy, Managing Director, Strategy Communications and Media Industry, Accenture
– Gerry Davis, VP, Solutions Engineering, East, Sandler Partners


10:15 am
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Thank you note and session conclusion

By Nitin Naveen, VP-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot