Learn how AI is transforming the future of Insurance

08.45 am to 10.15 am CT,
24 August 2021

AI is poised to

revolutionize insurance beyond recognition

AI algorithms of the future will

proactively advise drivers on route-based mobility insurance premiums

AI will facilitate instantaneous claims,

facilitated by IoT and other advancements

AI-driven personal assistants will serve as

butler of sorts, taking into account policies and premiums

AI will create a paradigm shift from

“detect and repair” to “forecast and prevent”

AI will optimize customer experience to

the benefit of both clients and insurers

AI technology will revolutionize all aspects of insurance from top to bottom 

The AI-driven paradigm shift is the natural evolution of insurance 

AI is poised to drive holistic transformation in the insurance industry

AI-driven algorithms will enable clients to proactively monitor mobility insurance premiums

AI is providing insurance with a competitive-edge

AI will play an integral part in eradicating insurance fraud

Facilitated by other industry 4.0 technologies, AI-driven insurance will be hassle free

AI is a tool for decision-making, with predictive analytics

AI will streamline the claims process, making it instantaneous and worry free

It is predicted that the insurance industry will be unrecognizable by 2030, owing to AI

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24 August 2021 (08.45 am to 10.15 am CT)
08:45 am
Agenda 1

Introduction of Speakers

– Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot

09:00 am
Agenda 3

AI in the Healthcare Insurance industry

– by Rik Khurana, Sr. Director – Technology Products and Delivery, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Learn how AI technologies are changing the business practices in the Healthcare Insurance industry leading to automation, improving quality thru informed decision making and, enhancing customer experience. Also, an exploration of the future of the Healthcare Insurance industry and the possibilities AI presents.
09:20 am
Agenda 3

Gotchya’s and Solutions in the AI approach to Specialty Lines Insurance (E&O/ D&O/EPLI & Cyber Insurance)

– by Frederick Fisher, President, Fisher Consulting Group Inc.

As review of AI underwriting issues and Policy issuance given the complexities of the Product together r with Liability concerns for any Insurance Broker Involvement, and bad Faith / Unfair Trade Practices by the Sponsoring Insurer
09:40 am
Agenda 3

The Life Insurance Digital Continuum

–by Craig Simms, Principal, Forest Lake Consulting

COVID forced life insurers to accelerate the virtual buying experience. But is that enough to satisfy the expectations of 21st Century agents and customers? Learn the specific attributes of utilizing digital tools along the entire customer experience.. and beyond.
10:00 am
Agenda 3

AI / ML in Insurance

–by Doug Fullam, Director, AIR Worldwide

  • Technology for analytics has done three things – all of which are intertwined:
    • Expanded the accessibility of tools
    • Increased the availability of data
    • Advancements in the science
  • 20 years ago – Those that specialized in modelling were rare, the amount of data they used was limited, and the modelling option were in their infancy. When I started in modelling (about 20 years ago), I worked in a little know scripting language called R. For the most part, anything beyond “hello world” and these are your generic data structures was rare. Today, new users can go online, download the scripting language and gui, find fully vetted and well tested code on github, and be running a neural network on a set of data in 30 minutes, maybe less. As with all technology, it hasn’t led to a decrease in the amount of work. There is seemingly never-ending demand for tools and analytics. Today, I am going to talk to you about the use of AI/ML in insurance, how it is improving estimates of the risk and mitigating the downside.