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Leveraging the 5G network to its full potential

Several leading mobile organizations brag about their various product lines featuring 5G functionality. Contrasted with 4G, the average smartphone owner may not comprehend or even see the differences unless mobile network service providers take subsequent measures and add in multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). 

MEC technologies – at present 

MEC combines cloud computing and IT services in a singular environment closer to the edge of the network. Presently, several solutions develop an MEC solution by bringing together individual aspects like a vSwitch, virtual Loadbalancer, vRouter, vUPF, vNAT, and some more in a singular virtual environment. This strategy makes each single data packet traversing through the forwarding plane be impacted by a great degree of process latency. MEC’s entire reason for existing is to minimize latency and jittering, making the above specified strategy totally counterproductive. 

Saguna’s innovative vEdge+ is a revelation in MEC technology 

Saguna went down a different path. They will be making the announcement regarding a revolutionary new integrated software that minimizes the latency and provides enterprises with enhanced reliability on the 5G network. The innovation manages to integrate all the MEC software aspects and the 5G UPF into a singular software image or stack.  

A stack is something like a photoshop image. You develop several layers of the image, altering the colour balance, hue, and saturation. You go about cropping it and add in borders, combined with your organization’s logo. Ultimately, you have five to seven layers. When you compress the image, you still retain all of the alterations. However, it is a singular image that is reflective of the work you carried out instead of various layers. All data process is gathered in a singular CPU context through integration of all these discrete factors into this one stack. Leveraging this strategy, Saguna have managed to streamline the latency process to the very minimum of < few microseconds while enhancing the reliability and minimizing the jitter. 

vEdge+ is also a revelation in MEC ROI 

Saguna’s breakthrough software is in complete compliance with ETSI MEC and 3GPP standards. vEdge+ is incredibly efficient, in economic terms. Through latency savings on packet process, Saguna save on CPU/memory access cycles. vEdge+ needs a lot less hardware to provide similar levels of performance, enabling MEC + 5G UPF to minimize its size from various servers to less than one server with no extra peripheral switches or routers. The vEdge+ is ready to be implemented at even the network’s outermost edges, providing new monetization avenues with a reduced cumulative cost of ownership. 

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