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Leveraging The Power Of 5G

Leveraging The Power Of 5G

By the end of 2023, 5G is forecast to reach 1.3 billion connections. Honestly, endorsing the progressive growth from 1G, the first “Generation” by NTT with poor sound quality and coverage to 4G, today’s smartphone data, seems like a blink of an eye. Rather, gauging the extent of what 5G will become hours later from the reality of what it is now is hard to sort out!

But for sure, 5G is better and more promising than the rest! Let us look at the how?

The power of 5G

5Gs higher connection speeds, greater capacity, and lower latency are presenting an exciting horizon of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike across the globe.

From customer experience and augmented reality to business intelligence, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and remote surgery, the potential for 5G uses is almost unfathomable. In fact, you name the vertical and it has 5G making the transformation in the right direction.

So, we asked the subject matter Experts to provide insights on Leveraging the power of 5G.

Our subject-matter Experts’ CXO-suite panel included:

Ashish Malhotra, CBO, InfoVision Inc.

Cliff Nathanielsz, Area Vice President, Mobility & IoT (Internet of Things) at AT&T

Kevin Hasley, Vice President, Ookla.

Michelle James, Vice President, Strategic Industry Programs at CTIA.

In the discussion, we heard their point of view and crisply formed this content for you!

Moving ahead from the networking aspect of 4G to the applicability and great transformation that 5G brought with it, it suddenly became all about telecom and the ecosystem and not just connectivity.

From the spectrum to the network and applications, all industries are chasing to leverage the potential of 5G. Now, in the space where people are also talking about 6G, what happens to 5G?

What does the transition from 4G-5G look like?

Michelle threw light on the specifications of 5G. She shared that 5G uses 3 distinct types of spectrums viz., low, mid, and high bands. Whereas 4G primarily only used a low band. That alone creates massive amounts of data availability. It leads to more connected communities, campuses, and industries, and thereby more connected life!

Giving more insights on the spectrums, Michelle enlightened us with the facts below:

  • Low band: Foundational coverage.
  • Mid band: The sweet spot for 5G! Enhances the coverage and boosts the networks’ capabilities. With low latency, it presents lots of data that can be computed closer to wherever that use case is.
  • High band: millimeter wave technology to a much broader area of coverage.

In short, 5G delivers a new generation of wireless, delivering 100X higher bandwidth than 4G can deliver today. It means 100X more connected devices (All the devices from desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and other computer machines).


Different use cases of 5G:

5G allows greater capacity to ingest devices. Making them smarter. Here are some of the real-world use cases of 5G.


5G has redefined the landscape of edge computing. When edge computing comes sugar coated with 5G technology we receive the best digital experience with improved performance and data security.


A 5G Robot? That is fascinating. Did you know that a robot connected to the cloud via 5G could use machine learning! This can speed up the robot and help it locate the best way of navigating its environment. In short, a 5G robot can perform tasks faster and more efficiently, without being specifically programmed in advance.

5G takes away the latency and lack of capacity on the wi-fi infrastructure, making the robots work faster & smoother.


5G assists in not only monitoring health but also providing more accessibility and flexibility.
The use of AR/VR goggles for children is the best example one can think of while considering 5G. These 5Gdriven devices aim at diverting the concentration of the kids on therapy to something fancier while they are undergoing treatment. It also helps doctors worldwide to virtually guide patients.

Utility/Oil & gas:

With 5G technology, the utility sector can focus on the safety of employees, walking down the planks and avoiding the man down situations. With AR (Augmented Reality) goggles powered by 5G, these industries can work towards fixing an item or problem by building the digital twin.

5G empowering mission-critical Applications:

Due to the ultra-high-reliability and low-latency communications (URLLC) of 5G, mission critical networks are emerging beyond traditional Push-to-Talk to include Push-to-Video, video sharing, group chat, file sharing, location sharing, and much more. All these come wrapped in mission critical scenarios.

So, opportunities are zillion with 5G.

Adding to the discussion, Ashish Malhotra mentioned, “We, at InfoVision, are engaged with AT & T, recreating the whole retail store experience. Looking for a complete contactless experience with faster checkout, then our solution is what you are looking for. Moreover, the 5G powered AR/VR use cases at InfoVision are changing the whole scene.”


Best way to approach or deploy 5G without impacting the user experience.

Kevin Hasley believes that the carriers have already nailed it! With the fastest deployment as compared to any other generation, 5G is ringing the bell with loaded latency, high responsiveness, and superfast speeds ranging from 300 to 500 MBPS.


Rolled out at a community level

This past year 34 billion dollars (about $100 per person in the US (United States)) was invested in network building. That is, the telecom infrastructure is still in the build-out mode.
Cliff Nathanielsz pointed out that with improved services, enhanced sustainability, and enriched security, 5G exhibits less scary networking with millions and billions of connected things.
With a higher inscription level in 5G, we receive advanced security and features big-sized coverage.

Drawbacks (just to mention):

Devices running 5G connectivity experience a huge battery drain, resulting in the need for better battery technology.

Furthermore, the rural access looks blurred from where we stand.

So, are you ready to explore the possibilities of the 5G network?

For more insights on leveraging the power of 5G, listen to this video panel discussion from experts around the globe.


Wrapping it up!

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