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Misidentification of roaming data predicted to peg operator expenditure at $484M in 2021, a whopping $2.1B in half-a-decade

Brand new research by Juniper Research highlights the losses that operators are predicted to experience from misidentification of roaming data traffic.  In 2021, the organization’s analysts predict that operators the world over will lose out on $484 million. While definitely not unsubstantial, it’s comparatively minimal change contrasted to the years ahead. 

In half-a-decade from now, Juniper Research estimates the losses will get to a whopping $2.1 billion – signifying a staggering growth of 331%. Operators would be best served to set down processes now to make sure they’re not contributing to this figure. 

Scarlett Woodford, writer of the research, specified: “By bringing together BCE (Billing and Charging Evolution) with AI-enabled roaming analytics suites, operators will be best positioned to deal with the escalation in roaming data. 

Demarcating roaming traffic by network connectivity is fundamental to facilitate operators to charge roaming partners on the basis of latency and download speed, and maximize cumulative 5G roaming revenue.” 

5G roaming is behind a market evolution that will gain over the subsequent years. 

The report predicts 5G roaming connections will attain over 200 million in half-a-decade from now, appreciating from 5 million in the present day. Growth and expansion will be driven by appreciating 5G adoption in tandem with a return to pre-pandemic levels of global travel. 

Juniper suggests that operators leverage the BCE end-to-end industry-wide standard which has been defined by the GSMA. BCE detects roaming data traffic over differing network technologies. 

Additionally, the analyst house urges operators to detect emergent areas of possible revenue leakage through harnessing ML in roaming analytics tools to effectively evaluate roaming behaviour and data utilization. 

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