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NEC and Cisco in International systems integration agreement for 5G IP transport- part1

On April the 8th, CISCO and NEC Corp. made the announcement that they made a global system integrator agreeement (GSIA) to grow their partnership for speeding up the deploying of innovative 5G/IP transport network solutions globally. 

Under this contract, the organizations will collaboratively drive fresh business avenues for 5G. NEC group organizations will function in close conjunction with CISCO to augment NEC’s ecosystem with optimization of IP metro/acceess transport and edge cloud computing solutions. CISCO will assist NEC’s client engagements by providing best in class proucts, proposals, and execution assistance. 

The fresh contract underscores NEC’s successful history as a CISCO Gold Partner for twenty years, and its established engineering prowess to furnish CISCO products to its international customer base across various regions. 

Market experts opine that 5G is driving the internet for the future, and hastening our client’s digital transformations. 

In conjunction with NEC, Cisco are developing a highly capable force to drive the key alterations required in networking infrastructure to take the internet into the upcoming decade. 

Higher ups at NEC Corp. believe that collaborating across the network solution ecosystem is critical for organizations in fulfilling diverse client needs and in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Cisco’s and NEC’s partnership reinforces NEC’s international competitiveness as a network integrating presence that drives the client journey with solutions that speak innovation. 

NEC and Cisco proclaim they will collaborate in attempts to further improve their combined solution portfolio and to streamline activities in various regions for the progression of the digital transformation of clients internationally. NEC has a storied history of collaborating with CISCO going back to more than twenty years. This is inclusive of the two collaborating on 4G LTE equipment that brought togeher NEC’s Ran and backhand assets with Cisco’s network equipment. 

In the previous year, the two organizations reinforced attempts in ensuring that their networking equipment was secure. This included utilizing NEC’s blockchain technologies to validate the integrity of network equipment utilized for security and key industrial infrastructure prior to shipping to a client, while those networks being constructed and operated. 

NEC additionally took part in Rakuten’s 4G-LTE networks being deployed in Japan. NEC has benefitted the most from it as its tapped to give a standalone 5G core network on the basis of the specification it authored with Rakuten Mobile. 

NEC has set up an International Open Ran Center of Excellence in the UK, which has the objective of accelerating the international adoption of OpenRAN, and to reinforce its structure for quickening the international deployment of 5G.  

The organization also produced (with Samsung) and exhibited an O-RAN Alliance complaint 5G base station baseband unit (5G-CU/DU) on NTT DOOCOMO’s commercial 5G network. 

(continued in part 2…) 



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