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Nokia and TPG Telecom deploy APAC’s first live 5G femtocell

Today, on the 26th of November 2021, Nokia and TPG Telecom made the announcement that they have successfully deployed the APAC’s first 5G femtocell within a live network. 

Leveraging Nokia’s proprietary modular 4G/5G smart node, the deployment facilitates operators to furnish their clientele with standout indoor 5G coverage through a dedicated femtocell. 

Nokia Smart Node is a dedicated indoor solution furnishing stellar coverage and capacity and is easy to scale from singular to several units to meet the client’s indoor coverage requirements. Furnishing high-quality coverage, low latency and a high degree of reliability, the deployment furnishes robust 4G and 5G connectivity for the demanding use cases called for by TPG Telecom’s enterprise clients. The ‘plug and play’ capacities also make it very simple to install, which keeps setup expenditure to a minimum. Nokia Smart Node can be mounted on walls, desktops, or ceilings. 

Nokia Smart Node is compatible with traffic management by minimizing core network load and optimizing macro resource assignment. It provides uncongested high throughput network performance with current secure authentication and furnishes a secure connection and SIM-driven authentication to provide assurance with regards to the quality needed in mobile networks. It is future ready, and is compatible with both non-standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 5G deployments. 

Johnathan Rutherford, Group Exec, Enterprise and Government at TPG Telecom, made the statement: “We’re excited about the prospects this product furnishes for our business clients in particular. Nokia Smart Node is a simple, affordable, and streamlined, seamless, ‘plug and play’ solution to furnish indoor 5G coverage for small and mid-size enterprises and corporate branch offices. 

Yago Lopez, GM, Wireless and Transmission Networks at TPG Telecom made the statement: “The Smart Node solution is another advanced offering from Nokia that TPG Telecom will undertake deployment of as part of its intelligent 5G network.” 

Rob Joyce, CTO of Australia and New Zealand at Nokia, made the statement: “This new inclusion to Nokia’s patented and industry-leading small cells portfolio assists operators such as TPG Telecom provided targeted 5G coverage and capacity to their key clientele. The Smart Node merely plugs into client’s current broadband connection and there you have it – improved 5G coverage indoors, it couldn’t get any easier than this.” 

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