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Abdullah Bokhari

Abdullah Bokhari is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of expertise in data strategy, cloud platforms, and architecture, currently serving as a key player in Data and AI transformation. His impressive track record includes a mastery of data integration, performance tuning, and exceptional team leadership. Abdullah seamlessly marries technical proficiency with a strategic mindset, making him a driving force in innovation and process optimization. In his current role as Director of Enterprise Data, Abdullah is reporting to senior leadership, leading high-impact data strategy initiatives and fostering organizational alignment. His leadership thrives on agility, innovation, and a culture of continuous learning within his team. Abdullah's initiatives have significantly enhanced the organization's data platform, ensuring cost optimization and regulatory compliance. He's a strong advocate for cross-functional collaboration, promoting thought leadership and streamlined operations. Before his current role, Abdullah worked at Georgia Pacific as Senior Consultant, where he led and guided a team of more than 30 data professionals. His exceptional leadership led to a Spot Award for assembling and rapidly launching the team. Abdullah actively participated in the Azure Certification program and delivered 7-8 Analytical Use Cases to the Accounting department, reinforcing his commitment to data governance. Abdullah's career journey also features a pivotal role as Lead Data Architect for the Modern Big Data Platform at Inspire Brands, where he directly worked with over 40 data experts and designed a cutting-edge data platform on Microsoft Azure. This platform, with over 100 data sources and 200+ terabytes of data, fueled targeted marketing, demand forecasting, staff optimization, and more. Abdullah drove standards and processes for a company-wide agile transformation, introducing an enterprise master data management system, and implementing data governance, cataloging, and data quality tools. He received accolades such as Hard worker, Maverick, Achiever, and Ally for his outstanding contributions. With his extensive knowledge and proven leadership, Abdullah Bokhari continues to drive innovation in data strategy, cloud technology, and architecture at a senior leadership level. His insights into self-service BI, data as a product, and QSR data transformations are invaluable for any discussion that drives data-driven excellence.