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Adam Shayevitz

Adam Shayevitz M.B.A. is the President of Strategic Sourcing Dynamics, LLC. Adam has 30 years of experience in the field of Global Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management. Adam’s consulting and training seminars focus on optimizing supplier selection, accelerating new product introduction, and improving cost and quality through early design cycle supplier Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA) supplier/client partnering. He works with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500's optimizing manufacturing sources for mechanical, electromechanical, and electronics parts and assemblies. His network of relationships with world-class global and regional manufacturers allows clients to avoid months of new supplier validation trial and error. He is an expert negotiator with extensive experience achieving win-win solutions. Adam received an MBA in International Business from the Babson Graduate School of Business and a BA in Economics from Skidmore College. Adam's articles on Supply Chain are featured in Linkedin’s Logistics and Supply Chain section. He has also been published in Robotics Business Review. Adam is an expert speaker on Strategic Sourcing at industry events such as The Robotics and AI Summit, The Venture Cafe Robotics Connect, and Advanced R&D Sourcing and Procurement in Pharma