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Amit Jain

Amit Jain has incorporated many businesses as a corporate executive & an entrepreneur and seen them through a path of scale and success. Leveraging on his new technology interests, knowledge, experience & expertise along with social & professional networks, to enable new ideas and transform technology businesses with successful exits. Starting with transforming the way music got consumed through a satellite radio service, to a mobile based skills and aptitude testing platform, to setting up the global enterprise & small and medium enterprise business for a leading telco, to being a mentor, advisor & enabler to businesses hungry for growth and change, this is what is keeping Amit busy for the part 2 decades. Amit is currently engaged with StartupBay , a deep technology focussed startup accelerator and Collotech , an Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Products and solutions company. An Engineering graduate in Electronics Design Technology with ADP in Global Business Strategies from Wharton School as education. Amit continues to read, research & learn from the ecosystem and contribute to it, every single day.