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Anoop Gopinatha

I’m a senior IT executive who loves bringing transformative solutions into play. Realizing the untapped potential of people inspires me. I foster teamwork, alignment and goal obtainment in my work with cross-functional teams. l’m a lifelong learner who loves riding the tech wave, and have over twenty years of experience opening new chapters in company history: Accenture, T-Mobile, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle, Caesars Entertainment, Wipro Systems. ✔ Business Process Management (BPM). Accenture’s Global Domain Lead, delivered millions in savings through automated solutions. ✔ Digital Transformation (DT). Leading solution delivery for $250 MM DT project for large communications service provider. ✔ Internet of Things (IoT). Seized the enormous profit potential within IoT category for Accenture. Originated IoT division with customized business strategy, and guided the development and purpose-built, “first-to-market” IoT solutions. My perspective on the industry has always been that of a person who’s come up “in the trenches.” From serving as a Systems Engineer at Wipro 19 years ago to my position today, I’ve demonstrated a talent for assessing complex situations and devising groundbreaking solutions to issues which have frustrated other tech professionals.