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Buck Crowley

•Award-winning Disruptive Breakthrough New Innovator. "Crowley is the mind behind many industry firsts" http://bit.ly/2kVEYXT • Developed over 85+ commercially successful products, totaling more than $1+ billion. • Creating new industries and destroying old ones, with disruptive technology. • Averaged 3 to 5+ new products per year. • Intertech™ Awards nominated for 7 "successful New products". • Invented many Industry-firsts, Such as the EFI AutoCount™ (weighing the waste • Solutions considered Impossible became breakthrough, revising industry-standards. • Custom manufacturing solutions.), Butler-Datamat™ Splicer, CCR™-Register video controls, IOT, and AI for automating Printing controls. • More than 75+ US patents. (299+ patents worldwide) More pending. • 100+ industry Articles, pioneering "Industry 4.0" http://buckautomation.com/ArticlesOCR/ • Regular conference Speaker/Presenter. • PIA Life-Time Achievement Award: (considered Nobel-Prize of printing) "Buck Crowley is undoubtedly one of the most prolific individual contributors to print technology," Jim Workman, Vice President of Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. "His work over the past four decades has left an indelible mark in the industry and he shows no signs of stopping as he continues to come up with new technology". • Founded two successful Venture-Capital (VC) invested companies; products remain industry leaders. • Broad Experience: Inventing, Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Selling, Service, Finance, Leadership ... • Broad and deep Technology: analog, digital, optical, RF, mechanical, physics, math, software, Aeronautical, and much more ... QED