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Deepak Singh

Deepak is a Product Enthusiast with 8 years of experience in product development, management, and design ranging from consumer electronics to AI-powered healthcare solutions. I'm specialized in empathizing with users and passionate about utilizing the power of AI to simplify daily lives and enhance healthcare quality accessible to all. Check out his work and drop a line. www.hellodeepaksingh.com Deepak designs, builds, and creates products that users love. His greatest strength is that he is an avid learner and this strength helps him steer through any challenge that he takes up professionally or personally. His strong people skills have always navigated him through complex multi-functional dependencies and shaped him as a humble human being. Deepak received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from RV College of Engineering in India and his MBA and MS degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Deepak has been promoted three times within Samsung and once at Highmark. Deepak enjoys traveling, cooking, mentoring, and has generated a keen interest in how AI and Machine learning can be utilized for the betterment of society. His multifaceted skills have helped him in securing multiple professional and social awards and volunteer recognition. Learn more about him at: www.hellodeepaksingh.com