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Devesh Dahale

Devesh Dahale currently works at Southeast Health as the Director of Health Systems Engineering. Devesh began his career as a design engineer at Thermax Ltd.in India after graduating with his Bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering. He later moved to the United States and supplemented his experience with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University. Armed with education involving specialization in quality and reliability, Devesh landed a job as a quality engineer at Delphi Automotive in Michigan. In his role as a quality engineer, he worked as the single point lead contact with regard to suppler quality, customer reported quality and internal quality in multiple manufacturing product lines and was responsible for achieving world class levels of single digit ppm (parts per million) customer reported defect rates. Additionally, he contributed to designing and implementing a revolutionary single piece flow assembly line comprising of just two personnel that matched the productivity of the traditional designs that required three times the resources. Devesh then went on to lead the department of Reliability engineering at Cummins Power Generation and obtained his certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt. He was responsible for redesigning systems to utilize a combination of error prevention, cost reduction, and use of modular design, thereby successfully solving choke points while improving flow and boosting productivity along with enhanced levels of quality. Devesh then turned his attention to applying his knowledge and skill to the field of healthcare. He worked closely with the divisions of Hospital Medicine, Hematology and Nephrology as a quality improvement consultant and provided support to numerous improvement projects that resulted in process and outcome improvement in hospitalized patients, sickle cell, hemophilia, Chronic Kidney disease and Kidney Transplant patients through systems thinking and application of lean principles. Results of this work were published in the journals of pediatric transplantation, Hemophilia, and Journal of Hospital Medicine. During these years, Devesh also bolstered his education some more through acquiring his MBA in healthcare. During those years, he led and facilitated numerous workshops, learning sessions and webinars to design and implement the infrastructure of two pediatric hospital learning health system collaboratives comprising of over 25 top pediatric hospitals in the country (IROC - Improving Renal Health Collaborative and NINJA -Nephrotoxic Injury Negated by Just in time Action). In his most recent role as Director of Health Systems Engineering, Devesh has been leading the charge in developing and deploying a framework for quality improvement and care variation reduction. To be able to provide organization-wide support, Devesh studied and gathered numerous certifications such as CPHQ (Certified Processional in Healthcare Quality), CPXP (Certified Patient Experience Professional) and the EPIC Cogito accreditations. He leads the data literacy mission of the organization by providing guidance to improvement teams in selection of measures, validation of data, use of relevant SPC charts, identifying sources of variation in data and using data visualization to communicate and facilitate decision-making. Lastly, Devesh has and continues to derive great joy and inspiration from working collaboratively with clinicians to coach them in quality and flow improvement methods and tools with the vision of fusion of engineering principles in healthcare to make it elegant, effective and meaningful. Devesh’s hobbies include reading, listening to audio books and podcasts, exploring exercise science, trekking, learning, writing, teaching and volunteering.