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Divya Bhargov

At the forefront of technological innovation in databases and AI/ML, Divya Bhargov serves as the Senior Director of Engineering at VMware. In this role, she leads the strategy and execution for Greenplum and VMware Postgres, platforms celebrated for their advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. Her tenure is marked by significant growth in these mission-critical products, reflecting their expertise in guiding large-scale, complex software development projects across diverse geographical teams. Divya's leadership extends beyond technical prowess to the strategic management of engineering operations. She has been instrumental in building a dynamic and highly skilled engineering team, spread across multiple geographies. This team has achieved remarkable improvements in product performance and quality. Her commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and transparent workplace culture is equally commendable. Collaborating closely with various business units and stakeholders, Divya plays a critical role in aligning engineering efforts with the company's strategic goals, fostering innovation, and ensuring customer success.