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Doug Turpin

Doug Turpin grew up in the Charlotte, NC area and went to school at UNC Chapel Hill. After college he worked for several companies in various sales roles before moving into the M&A arena. That experience left him with a desire to build his own business. Telecommunications and technology were rapidly growing areas, full of opportunity to significantly help business customers in a win-win fashion. Doug’s vision was to build an organization to fill in the gaps in the processes for implementation and support, while providing a carrier neutral, customer focused organization, that built long term relationships with its customers. This led to the birth of Venture Group Enterprises in 1992. Specifically, Doug saw that the industry was oriented to providing services through direct sales representatives, that had little vested interest in the customer, whose job it was to maximize the total amount a customer spent. They only offered the solutions they had, regardless of whether it was one that best met customer needs or was the most cost effective one available. By providing the customer with a consultative process, where existing needs were examined first and then solutions for all carriers were examined and carefully negotiated, the customer received much better solutions for less. In addition, he built a service implementation organization to address additional challenges that produced much better outcomes for the clients. Within 10 years, Venture Group grew to over 1000 orders per day from new customers. This success provided the organization the opportunity to obtain dedicated support from the carriers and invest in automated web-based order management and tracking systems that further improved customer outcomes. Throughout the years, Doug has continued to be an innovator in the Telecommunications world. He has developed the game changing solution of EnVision (www.envisionlcm.com), along with creating Lightwave Solutions (www.lightwavesolutionsinc.com). EnVision uses AI technology when creating customer inventories of their telecommunications and technology solutions. This solution allows customers to save 20-45%, while obtaining productivity enhancing services. He currently resides just outside of Charlotte in Weddington, NC with his wife and two children. In his free time Doug enjoys reading and, in similar fashion to one of his favorite authors Isaac Asimov, he grows more handsome and lovable every day.