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Jamie Smith

Throughout the last decade, Jamie has been vocal Industrial Internet of Things Leader. In 2011 he led the creation of new wireless sensing technology and sat on the board of IPSO; in 2014, he joined as a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium and led the creation of 4 impactful testbeds: "Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance" with IBM, "Time-Sensitive Networking" with IBM and Cisco, "Distributed Energy Resources" with RTI and Cisco, "Factory of the Future" with Airbus. In 2017, Jamie turned his focus on autonomous vehicles and the role communications and artificial intelligence will play in revolutionizing transportation and the infinite testing challenges. Jamie Smith currently serves as the VP of Products at AVer Information, where he is exploring the role that AI and cloud will play in education. Jamie has been recognized as Top Embedded Innovator by Embedded Computing Design, received an R&D 100 Award, and was recognized by the IIC for his Industrial IoT contributions. Jamie recently completed a post-graduate program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the University of Texas in Austin. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a master's degree in applied physics from Stanford University.