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Jayodita Sanghvi

Jayodita Sanghvi, PhD., is Senior Director of Data Science at Included Health, a healthcare company on a mission to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone. The Included Health products and services deliver better healthcare experiences by providing clinical expertise, virtual care, personalized navigation, and access. We make it easy to get you to the best possible care. One of the multiple focuses of the Data Science team at Included Health is to route members to the highest quality care for their individual needs and preferences at a given point in time. This requires us to build detailed models to better understand differences in provider practice and experience, as well as detailed models about member conditions, severities, histories, and preferences. The work is challenging but extremely motivating as we see the impact of our work on members’ lives. Prior to Included Health, Jayodita earned a BS in Biology from MIT, an MS and PhD in Bioengineering from Stanford University, and did post-doctoral research at UC Berkeley. Her work was focused on complex simulations of living systems, including the first-ever gene-complete model of a cell. She brings her experience in computational modeling and simulation to her work at Included Health.