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Jeremiah Ginn

Jeremiah Ginn is a Husband, Father, Teacher, Engineer, Architect, Author, Advocate, and lives a life focused on investing in those that cross his path. Today he has 11 children 3 biological, 6 adopted, and 2 in guardianship, and lives in Northwest Arkansas. A Service-Disabled Veteran, he proudly served in the US Army. He serves today as a Military Veteran Advocate, and a Champion for Children’s Adoptive and Foster Care programs across multiple non-profit organizations. Jeremiah leads Software Defined Networking Evangelism Efforts across many global customers in their efforts to automate network infrastructure. His technology career has covered 25 years in technology consulting with almost all Fortune 500 companies. His market leadership is in SD-WAN, SASE, NFV, Multi-Tenant Cloud Edge Compute, and Network Infrastructure Architecture and has touched more than 3,000 organizations directly. He is an Architect, Engineer, SCRUM Master, Developer, Author, Public Speaker, Educator, and Technology Evangelist. He is an IEEE member as well as a MEF Forum member. Jeremiah has contributed to the development of SDN, SD-WAN, and SASE solutions at AT&T as well as The MEF Forum’s SASE W117 working group SASE Service Attributes and Service Framework.