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Joji Philip

A distinguished leader in telecommunications, Joji offers more than twenty years of experience as Ericsson's Director of Data Science. His deep-seated knowledge in network infrastructure, Telecoms AI, and analytics has placed him at the heart of the industry's evolution toward 5G and digital transformation. His array of expertise encompasses technical solutions, AI and machine learning, product management, and systems engineering. These competencies are expertly applied to devise solutions that not only improve RAN efficiencies but also optimize the delicate balance between OpEx and CapEx. At the helm of Ericsson's AI initiatives, Joji is instrumental in the creation of AI-driven solutions critical to the company's RAN product line. His role is crucial in enabling both enterprise and telecom clients to adopt advanced operational models powered by state-of-the-art 5G and Edge Computing. An influential figure in the field, Joji is deeply involved with groundbreaking advancements in Telecoms AI, Cloud RAN, and the future of mobile connectivity from 5G NR to the prospects of 6G. Driven by a passion to merge technical expertise with his leadership in business development and sales, Joji is committed to delivering profound value to Ericsson's offerings and ensuring customer success in their strategic endeavors.