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Joshua Bylsma

Joshua Bylsma is the Founder and CEO of TRADION, a cleantech startup. Joshua’s first entrepreneurial venture was at the age of 10, pulling an old Red Ryder wagon filled with small trees and selling them to generous neighbors. From these early years and multiple “ventures” in bicycle repair, VCR repair, car washing, and lawn car, Joshua learned the critical value of doing the right thing, providing a good product, and the absolute necessity of hard work. Joshua’s insatiable curiosity has become a driving force in his ability to learn, adjust, experiment, and grow professionally. Combined with dedication, humility, and hard work, Joshua moved from pulling low voltage cable to leading engineering of remote surveillance systems for the Department of Homeland Security and becoming a leader in market and channel development throughout North America in IoT, IT, and industrial automation technologies. Today, Joshua leads a team of technologist, engineers, and sales executives in building the next generation of energy storage and management platform. Learning from years of hard work at the ground level, diverse industry experience, and a passion for people, Joshua has become an leader, impacting the future of energy sustainability.