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Keith Sampson

Keith Sampson is an authentic disruptor in the workplace in the most positive way. With unapologetic passion, Keith believes that each of us can live more fulfilling lives when we wake up with a purpose of contributing to something larger than ourselves. Keith’s purpose, his “why,” is to help change the world through business by helping others have that sense of fulfillment when their feet hit the ground in the morning. Applying a Growth Mindset as a foundational building block to create lasting change in business and individual lives, Keith has a passion for people and unlocking their maximum potential. What started as a single question asked of him at the age of 19, permanently changed his life and the way that he approaches business. Using Keith’s more than 20 years in business development, sales training, customer service and a passion for creating incredible experiences, he brings unique insights, ideas and perspectives that will help any organization build incredible customer experiences, increase sales results and change a business culture. Today, Keith works with thousands of sales reps and businesses to help them achieve their goals and maximize their potential. “I have the best job in the world. I wake up every day coming up with ways to make others more successful. When they are successful, we all are.” Keith believes that company culture and customer experience is more important than ever and strives to help businesses of all kinds create an incredible customer experience and culture that will help them grow. Keith Sampson is also passionate about servant leadership, bringing value to others, even just one. “When you give without expectations and live to impact a world bigger than your own, amazing things can happen.” Connect with Keith grow@iamkeithsampson.com