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Ken Milman

KEN MILMAN brings to FedEx a passion for conceptualizing, and developing high profile, game changing innovations. Over the last 4 years, Mr. Milman has been the Director of Product Management over the FedEx Same Day shipping portfolio, including SameDay City and the recently discontinued autonomous robot R&D effort, Roxo, the Same Day Bot. Mr. Milman was also instrumental in creating the vision and bringing to market the SenseAware platform, a first of its kind sensor-based, IoT logistics solution, leading product management, business development, and operations. In 2007, Mr. Milman helped form the FedEx Innovation team and developed the initial FedEx Innovation Value Process - a semi-structured approach for innovation. He has also created the FedEx Customer-Centered Design framework which uses design thinking principles to improving customer-centricity across products and experiences. Mr. Milman holds a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in eBusiness Innovation from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master‟s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Memphis, and a Bachelor‟s degree in Business and Economics from Rhodes College.