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Lee Bogner

An e-commerce executive since 1996, Lee Bogner is Global Enterprise Architect for eCommerce and digital innovations at Mars, Inc. – the world’s premier confectionery, food and pet care CPG. Here he advises global and emerging markets businesses on D2C, B2B and hybrid online marketplace e-commerce strategies and operations; e-retail digital product content and syndication; social, video and community e-commerce and analytics; as well as game-changing virtual consumer experiences - including the ground-breaking, pandemic-ready, patent-pending consumer experience app Mars Treat-Town for Halloween. At recent CG, consulting and retail posts, Lee led e-commerce architecture for J&J and Accenture and was head of e-commerce strategy and operations directing Bed Bath and Beyond’s buybuyBaby.com e-Retail business. Prior, Lee held senior consulting and management roles at Accenture; CIO think-tank The Research Board; IBM, several digital; social; analytics; media and e-commerce startups. Additionally, Lee helps shape the next generation of digital business leaders as professor of e-commerce, information systems and analytics at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business.