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Manjula Sriram

Manjula is a collaborative leader leveraging professional services and operational experience to create continuous improvement opportunities and deploy strategies that grow and improve businesses. She has a diverse background with strength in digital transformation and enjoys exchanging ideas and information to serve her company and customers better. Excels at collaborating and sharing informal network advice, guidance, and contacts across all facets of executive leadership, strategic technology integrations, system security, disaster recovery, infrastructure, and architecture optimization strategies. Through teamwork with her business partners and the executive leadership team, identify and assess the current state and goals and identify the roadmap to achieve the plans to improve the overall business. Partner with the cross-functional teams and her immediate team to further refine the tactical path to meet and exceed identified strategic goals through metrics. Focus on transparency and consensus building through communicating the organization's goals and tactical roadmap and continue motivating the teams. Manjula works with vendors, customers, and internal stake holders to identify development, process and services opportunities to meet market needs. I develop scalable and streamline operations to simplify complexities, reduce cost and increase productivity. Industry Experience: • Satellite and Tele Communications • Payment Industry • Health Care • Logistics and Aviation Professional Experience: Iridium communications – Chief Information Officer The Joint Chiropractic – Vice President (CIO) Early Warning Services– Director, Customer Implementations & Support (Delivery) Vail/Versay Solutions-Director, Project Management Office (Senior Project Manager)