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Mark Spencer

SVP of Commercial Operations of fashion marketplace Jane, Mark has overall responsibility to define, build, lead and execute the commercial operation and strategic business objectives of the company. He brings a unique perspective into what customers, merchants, suppliers, and more are focused on, and offers deep insight into the world of marketplaces and ecommerce. KEY EXPERTISE TOPICS: • The biggest challenges and opportunities facing online retailers in a post pandemic world • How to drive global growth for eCommerce and online marketplace platforms • How the pandemic impacted supply chains and how to navigate the new reality • Managing customer demands in a time of logistic challenges • As consumer spending remains unpredictable, how retailers can survive and thrive • Balancing customer satisfaction, merchant satisfaction, and bottom line • How to motivate teams to capitalise on business opportunities in competitive global markets SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: A seasoned senior executive, Mark has over 20 years of commercial business development experience, including over a decade of working with and advising eCommerce platforms. Mark specializes in online marketplaces with specific emphasis on growth, commercial operations, and international expansion. Mark is SVP, Commercial Operations at Jane.com, where he oversees the development and execution of the commercial operation and strategic business objectives of the company. Previously, Mark held leadership roles across Europe and North America at organizations such as HomeAway (Expedia) and Tripping.com and more recently was a founding executive for an online marketplace for HGTVs The Property Brothers in the US and Canada. Mark frequently advises marketplaces across North America and EMEA. Mark is presently in his final year of his MBA studies at the University of Wales.