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Nina Sichtermann

Innovation can come from anywhere. As long as there is enough space for it to develop and courage to make things happen. Nina Sichtermann is an international Retail Executive with over 17 years of experience in her field. She has worked and lived on three different continents and climbed up the ranks from Store Management to Senior VP of Sales Operations. She has led Lidl’s expansion of stores and regional distribution centers across different countries with responsibility for up to $2B in total annual sales and leading the business from all different operational angles: Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Sales, and Marketing. For her, the retail industry is the mirror of society. She calls it the “real life business” and just as in real life, outstanding results never happen by chance. They are the outcome of visionary leadership, data-driven decision-making, and a down-to earth, people-centered approach. For her, the retail sector is at a crossroad and technological innovation the biggest opportunity to position yourself at the forefront of the industry. Nina is a member of CHIEF and the Worldwide Women’s Association – both organizations that empower diversity and female leaders. She holds a master’s degree of The University of Queensland, Australia, and a range of certifications on Management, Innovation and Technology from MIT Sloan, Boston. She resides outside Washington, D.C. with her husband and two sons. If you ask her to call out one piece of advice from her retail career, she will say: “Enjoy the discomfort, stay calm and be open to seek for innovative solutions anywhere. Just like in a piece of music, no problem will forever stay or end in dissonance or failure, as long as you are ready to orchestrate it.”