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Nizar Ghoula

After studies in computer science engineering and applied mathematics, Nizar started his career in the field of computer aided translation using terminological resources and statistical models. In parallel of his PhD studies, he delivered tools to improve the productivity of translators within international organizations and foundations. Upon the completion of his PhD in information systems at the University of Geneva in 2014, Nizar joined Yellow Pages Group Canada as a senior research scientist and then as leader of the knowledge engineering team for Local Search (user & customer experience). Nizar and his team worked on multiple Data Science projects around Information Retrieval, geographical data & geo-localization, search engines and leads generation for search ads placement. In 2018, he joined National Bank of Canada as a chief advisor in AI and then as a Senior Director of Analytics. Nizar and his team drive innovation in data valorization and support multiple projects within different business sectors at National Bank using AI.