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Pamela Gupta

Pamela Gupta, is CEO of Trusted AI a global AI Advisory firm advising clients on adopting Trsutworthy AI to reduce risks of adopting or developing AI syste.s Ms Gupta has an extensive background in Cybersecurity, trust and safety leadership within the tech and AI sectors. This includes pioneering a trustworthy and ethical AI framework called AI TIPS and Essential Pillars of Trustworthy AI four years ago. These align with the National Institute of Standards’ and Technology AI Risk Management Framework which was published this year. She is actively fostering public awareness and understanding of trustworthy AI. In her widely acclaimed by professionals podcast titled "The Trustworthy AI: De-Risk business adoption of AI," she discusses AI adoption Strategy and risk mitigation with global leaders and practitioners. "This initiative reflects my commitment to not just implementing safety measures, but also actively engaging and educating the community on the importance of actionable trust and safety in AI."