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Parveza Rahman

Parveza Rahman is a dynamic thought leader in leveraging data and product for innovation and transformation, with 20 +years of experience. Her experience in technology and data analytics, provide her an edge as a transformative Product leader, in steering diverse teams towards delivering innovative solutions that drive tangible business growth and process efficiencies. Her genuine curiosity to understand customer pain points and product usage enables her to challenge norms and drive innovation by discarding outdated processes, particularly evident in her ventures within the FinTech sector. Parveza's strategic acumen, paired with a relentless pursuit of excellence, has propelled teams to achieve remarkable results. A visionary in the realm of product leadership, she continues to shape the FinTech landscape, through a blend of creativity, data-driven insights, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, inspiring teams to chart new territories and deliver groundbreaking solutions that redefine industry standards.