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Peter Piatetsky

Peter Piatetsky leads strategy, growth and product design at Castellum.AI, working closely with clients to achieve risk-aligned coverage for all of their compliance needs. Prior to co-founding Castellum.AI, he served at the US Treasury Department in multiple roles, including as Senior Policy Advisor, advising the President, Treasury Secretary and other principals on sanctions, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing related to Iran, Lebanon and Israel/Palestine. Peter was detailed to the Financial Action Task Force, representing the US as an assessor for the mutual evaluation of Bahrain. Following Treasury, Peter held a leadership role at Woori, one of Korea's largest banks, supervising all of its financial crimes compliance in the US and advising the Chief Compliance Officer. As part of that role, he led the bank's compliance technology efforts, including model validations, data integrity audits, and the RFP process for screening system and data vendor selection and replacement. He speaks regularly at industry conferences and is an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer at American University.