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Sanja Cancar-Todorovic

With over 20 years of experience in large global organizations, Sanja Cancar-Todorovic is a passionate Customer Experience, Strategy & Transformation Leader, specializing in Driving Technological Innovation, Agile Digital Transformation, Corporate Culture Evolution and Cost & Quality Streamlining via Global Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, BPO, ITO, Vendor Management and Third-Party risk Management. Sanja is a vocal advocate of Diversity in Business. For decades, her passion has been mentoring emerging female leaders, strongly believing that Diversity breeds Innovation. Additionally, since 2013 she has been a corporate mentor to entrepreneurs in Women and Minority-owned business, working directly with different non-profit organizations. It is this passion for equal representation, and the persistent ask from her own mentees wanting a tangible playbook on career progression, that inspired Sanja to write her first book “Be Bold and Brilliant”, that has already made Amazon’s Bestseller in the Career Guide category. The ultimate goal of this book is to reach the greatest number of mentees, in the shortest period of time, with the biggest impact on the numbers presented by the McKinsey & Co, “Women in the Workplace 2022”, showing that despite the modest progress, women are still dramatically underrepresented in leadership roles. Sanja is involved with several different Boards, all focused on either increasing female representation in the workforce, or advancement of the professionals through education, certification, networking and standards of practice. In addition to her numerous leadership awards, Sanja is also an avid speaker and a writer. Her love for speaking and sharing her business expertise at different industry events, always delivers great value to her audience and the industry as a whole. Sanja graced the front covers of two industry magazines in 2021, and since 2019 a number of her business strategy articles and other content contributions have been published by numerous international media outlets. Sanja holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) degree, a Master of Management (MM) degree and an Honours Double Major Bachelor of Arts (BA(Hons.)) degree in Law and Political Science. In her free time, Sanja enjoys spending time at the cottage with her husband and her two sons, enjoying water sports at the lake in the summer, and hitting the slopes skiing in the winter.