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Sanja Cancar-Todorovic

Biography - Sanja Cancar - Todorovic, BA(Hons.), eMBA, MM. With over 20 years of experience in large global organizations, Sanja is a passionate Customer Experience, Strategy & Transformation Leader, specializing in Driving Technological Innovation, Agile Digital Transformation, Corporate Culture Evolution and Cost & Quality Streamlining via Outsourcing, Offshoring / Nearshoring, Global Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Vendor Management and Third-Party risk Management. Sanja’s career began in telecom, and after 18 years led her to FIs. In her current role at Home Capital, Sanja leads the Enterprise Procurement, Outsourcing and Vendor Management function. Sanja is a vocal advocate of Diversity in Business. She spent number of years volunteering as a corporate mentor to Women and Minority-owned business and can often be found at different events advocating for Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs. She is an avid writer for different procurement publications, advocating for Diversity of Suppliers + Diversity of Employees = Diversity of thought, Innovation and Resilience. Sanja has been featured on the covers of “Procurement” Magazine in November 2021 and “Supply Professional” Magazine in June 2021. She was featured in “Sustainability Magazine”, “Supply Chain digital”, “Fin Tech Magazine” in 2021, as well as “Future of Sourcing Digital” as a winner of North American Future of Sourcing Award in 2019 Sanja holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) degree, a Master of Management (MM) degree and an Honours Double Major Bachelor of Arts (BA(Hons.)) degree in Law and Political Science. In her free time, Sanja enjoys spending time at the cottage with her husband and her two sons, enjoying water sports at the lake in the summer, and hitting the slopes skiing in the winter.