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Scott Edwards

Entertainment marketing is an incredibly exciting and challenging field. It doesn’t matter if it’s bringing to market a TV drama, comedy, reality show, social/digital series, live event, awards show, streaming series, theatrical movie, video game, or otherwise. Making compelling campaigns for entertainment content, while working alongside the most talented people in the industry, is a true privilege. Without question, the best part of any day is the level of talent by which we are all surrounded. When teams work together in collaborative harmony, and fire on all creative cylinders – that’s the magic. In my current post, as EVP of Fox Creative Advertising, I see the unpredictable process and inspiring convergence of art and commerce. Whether we’re cranking out firstlook trailers, launch promos, current-show episodics, key art one sheets or billboards, custom social content, or otherwise, the formula-free process of solving creative challenges is always stimulating. Add to the great people and energetic environment hits such as 9-1-1 LONESTAR, ACCUSED, ALERT, BEAT SHAZAM, BOB’S BURGERS, THE CLEANING LADY, CRIME SCENE KITCHEN, FAMILY GUY, GRIMSBURG, KRAPOPOLIS, LEGO MASTERS, THE GREAT NORTH, THE SIMPSONS, THE MASKED SINGER, SPECIAL FORCES, and an array of Gordon Ramsay shows (FOOD STARS, HELL’S KITCHEN, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, MASTER CHEF, NEXT LEVEL CHEF), and you’ve got all the ingredients for an awesome “day at the office.” (And I thought theatrical marketing was unique in its own special brand of high-octane engagement.) Prior to a five-year stretch as SVP of Fox On Air Promo & Operations – where I was lucky to help launch 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, EMPIRE, GOTHAM, GRACEPOINT, GREASE LIVE, WAYWARD PINES, and the return of THE X-FILES – I served two decades worth in theatrical tours of duty at four top-tier agencies (BD Fox & Friends, BLT AV, Crew Creative, and AV Squad), with a memorable run at New Line Cinema thrown in for good measure. If you’ve read this far then I now consider us friends, which means we don’t have any secrets. So, I cop to the likelihood that I owe you fifteen bucks for convincing you to see a movie that didn’t really deliver. It happens. That’s the gig. Besides entertainment marketing, music is a great passion. Don’t tell anyone but I DJ’d through college at various social events and nightclubs, which means I am familiar with the significance of the number “1200.” I was voted Best Dressed in my graduating High School class, which my friends won’t let me live down, and to which my wife gives a fabulous eyeroll. In closing, I’m advised to share where I got my smarts, but I’d say more important than my education (BA double major, Theatre/Telecom, Indiana University; MFA w/high honors, Film/Advertising, Art Center College of Design) is the annual opportunity to teach short-form storytelling at Santa Monica College as part of the Promax Promo Pathway program, and a year-round global marketing course for UCLA Extension. That’s where I really see how much more advanced the storytellers and marketers of tomorrow already are. Let’s all agree to pay it forward and inspire them to reach new heights. Here’s to an amazing future in this amazing industry! (See me later for the $15.)