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Sheela Pillai

Sheela is a Senior Director of Engineering at Renesas, in the High Performance Computing group leading automotive SOC design and development. Sheela has over twenty-five years of industry experience. Sheela’s strengths lie in flagship product development in cutting edge technology particularly in the semiconductor space. Sheela is known for her passion and drive to get things done and for empathetic, compassionate leadership Sheela is consistently recognized as an achiever, responsible, arranger, strategic and futuristic. Prior to joining Renesas , Sheela worked at a number of industry leading companies including Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Altera and AMD. At Intel Sheela was Sr. Director Engineering in the Intel foundry service group leading IP development and automotive SOC design methodology. At Qualcomm Sheela led the Post Silicon phase and Customer enablement for the first flagship ARM based Server SOC in 10nm and 7nm that span across a direct and matrix organization comprising 800 people. Sheela led and successfully delivered many corporate strategies, technology initiatives, methodology transformations in addition to leading and managing large globally distributed organizations. Sheela’s experience and knowledge coupled with her passion are her defining qualities. Sheela is motivated by opportunities to build and mentor high performance teams, empowering and enabling them to efficiently achieve their goals. Sheela is known as a “fixer”, “change agent” and is often called upon by senior leadership to step in and resolve issues when the team struggles to see the path to resolution or to straighten out underperforming teams At Altera and AMD, Sheela helped restructure the organizations to improve efficiency and cut costs. During her tenure at AMD, Sheela led the effort to adopt an SOC/IP methodology. Sheela has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Government College of Engineering in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. She has been an invited speaker at several symposiums and conferences