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Sunanda Parthasarathy

Sunanda KP, is an Senior Director Data Science at CVS Health Through her career in data science she has enjoyed focusing her quantitative expertise in mathematical modeling to business questions that has led to multiple high-revenue analytics products. Her current passion is to develop an intelligent system that recommends the optimal product/message exposure to customers to make their online shopping experience very personal and enjoyable. Before entering the data science world, she was a Princeton Postdoctoral fellow, working on the forefront of the next generation quantum materials that will replace silicon in a computer chip. Prior to that she received her PhD in physics from Purdue University working on solving open problems in the field of transport physics. Her research accomplishments have been recognized in the form of many awards including the H.Y.Fan Award for excellence in physics research. She is an active member in the local start-up, tech and data science community and is the co-organizer of one of the oldest meetup groups in Boston- The Data Scientist. She enjoys bringing together leading minds in the field of data science and AI, to engage in thought leadership in this nascent field.