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Varun Khanna

Varun Khanna joined Bob Evans Farms (Post holdings subsidiaries) in 2023 as Director, R&D. With the advent of the company’s Center of Innovation, Varun’s role has changed to Director of Innovation. His responsibilities include providing technical leadership across both core product and innovation initiatives. Varun boasts a rich career trajectory with renowned entities, including Sabra (PEPSICO JV), Chobani, and Fifth Season. His adeptness in harnessing Robotics Automation places him as a visionary adept in navigating the evolving retail landscape and melding technological innovations with consumer-focused product creativity while upholding superior quality and consumer gratification standards. With a broad span of over 18 years of international exposure across North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, Varun's inventive flair, entrepreneurial prowess, and deep-seated passion for product design have consistently invigorated innovation strategies, facilitating the debut of unique products that have markedly bolstered business growth, amassing over $1.5B+ in annual revenue. Varun has a Bachelor's in Dairy Science from India's National Dairy Research Institute, a Master’s in Food Safety and Technology from the Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, and an Executive MBA from Boise State University, Idaho.