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Yasser Biaz

• Yasser Biaz is Managing Director / Founder of UM6P Ventures. He is convinced that Africa deserves its own blueprint for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship; He is confident that UM6P Ventures will contribute to this ambition by way of quality and inclusiveness in our development and investment strategies. • Yasser held a 15-year career in Silicon Valley, in a variety of roles at such companies as AT&T Labs and Cisco Systems. He often advised VC, law, and equity research firms’ top partners; and to-be-startups. He is a worldwide active stakeholder, recognized for contributions in IPR, R&D, and go-to-market of technologies and services such as mobile and wireless technologies, cloud and edge architectures, cybersecurity, and holographic experiences. He possesses a demonstrated track record of work in various organizations, industries, market segments, and geographies. • Since his return to Morocco in 2013, he alternated roles in the aeronautics and rail sub-contracting industries (investment, restructuring), startups (co-founded, operations), sustainability/pro-bono (Water-Energy-Food; finance; campaigns). His later work sought to develop a new framework for sustainability and resilience – in policy, governance, operations, and technologies, in academia and field deployments. With his partners, they promoted novel policy, business, and social models with the ambition to establish a sustainability development hub for Africa.