The Future Of Manufacturing: What Trends Are Shaping The Industry?

11.00 am to 12.30 pm CT,
15 September 2023

Mobile robotics

Welding, assembly, shipping, handling raw materials, product packing, etc.

Internet of things

Connect and monitor components, providing valuable data for optimization.

Accessible automation

Streamline operations, cut costs, and boost profitability for organizations.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leveraging abundant data for informed decision-making.

Predictive maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs, minimizes downtime, and extends machinery lifespan.

Additive manufacturing

Build customised parts and products layer by layer.

Embracing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies like IoT, the cloud, advanced computers, robotics, etc. is crucial for companies to thrive in Industry 4.0.

It’s estimated that smart factories could create $160 billion in value in 2023.

Universal connectability

Automated picking

Mobile manipulators

Enterprise resource planning

Collaborative Robots

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15 September 2023 (11.00 am to 12.30 pm CT)
11:00 am
Aganda 1

Introduction of Speakers

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


11:05 am
Aganda 6

Innovate, Adapt, Thrive: Trends Driving the Evolution of Manufacturing

Panel Discussion
– Sameer Nagpal, Chief Business Officer, InfoVision (Moderator)
– Sachin Shah, Smart Manufacturing Cybersecurity Expert 
– Anthony Huffman, Senior Director of Digital Manufacturing at Molex


12:25 pm
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Thank you note and conclusion of event

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot