The Impact of Technology on the Media & Entertainment Industry

11.00 am to 12.30 pm CT,
14 September 2023

Networking, Socializing, and Creating

Virtual reality space where people can interact with each other and digital objects.

Shift from Linear TV to on-demand viewing

Streaming services have disrupted the traditional distribution model.

Collaborative Content

Allows the use of a combination of game engines, live video, and interaction overlays.


More tailored and engaging experienced with data analytics and artificial intelligence


Proliferation of new business models and revenue streams, like subscription-based models

Technology has greatly impacted media and entertainment, changing content creation, distribution, and consumption.

Report: Global Metaverse Market to reach USD 426.9 billion by 2027, with 47.2% CAGR.

Emergence of Metaverse

Bite-sized shareable chunks of content via social media

Immersive storytelling

Non-fungible tokens

Interactive world-building

Personalized, niche, and community-driven media

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14 September 2023 (11.00 am to 12.30 pm CT)
11:00 am
Aganda 1

Introduction of Speakers

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


11:05 am
Aganda 6

The intersection of technology & entertainment

Panel Discussion
– Ashish Malhotra, Chief Business Officer, InfoVision Inc (Moderator)
– Cliff Nathanielsz, Area Vice President, Mobility Finance & Enterprise Solutions, AT&T
– Scott Edwards, Executive Vice President, Head of Creative Advertising, Fox Entertainment
– Babak Abbaschian, Sr. Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Churchill Downs
– Manish Jha, Senior Director of Product Management, Avo Automation


12:25 pm
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Thank you note and conclusion of event

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot